Bacterial Pathogenesis: Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms
Publisher: Caister Academic Press (2012)
Editor: Camille Locht and Michel Simonet Center for Infection and Immunity of Lille, University of Lille Nord de France, Institut Pasteur de Lille, France

SECTION I Approaches to the Study of Bacterial Pathogenesis
Chapter 1 Models for Studying Bacterial Pathogenesis
Chapter 2 Strategies for Identifying Bacterial Pathogenicity Genes
Chapter 3 Genetic Determinants of Bacterial Pathogenicity

SECTION II Bacterial Adhesion to the Cell Surface and Extracellular Matrix of Host Tissues
Chapter 4 Fimbrial Adhesins: Adhesive Molecules on a 'Stalk'
Chapter 5 Nonpilus (Non-Fimbrial) Adhesins
Chapter 6 Biofims: the Secret Story of Microbial Communities

SECTION III Poisoning the Host by Toxins
Chapter 7 Toxins Damaging Cellular Membranes: Paradigms and Molecular Features
Chapter 8 Toxins Acting on Intracellular Targets: Only Foes or Also Friends?

SECTION IV Cellular Invasion by Bacterial Pathogens
Chapter 9 Mechanisms of Bacterial Entry Into Host Cells
Chapter 10 The Bacterial Life in a Vacuole
Chapter 11 The Bacterial Life in the Cytosol

SECTION V Bacterial Evasion of Host Defences
Chapter 12 Bacterial Handling of Host Nutrients: the Iron Paradigm
Chapter 13 Bacterial Escape from the Complement System
Chapter 14 Bacterial Resistance to Antimicrobial Peptides
Chapter 15 Bacteria-Induced Host Cell Death